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Our Services

We serve the needs of elderly people or infirm persons who, due to their disability, have become socially isolated.


We offer varying services:

Case Work :
Counselling, referrals, and advice on health and welfare issues provided in the Serbian language

Education :
The community needs to be not only informed, but also educated on how to use existing services, and how to benefit from them

Liaison :
Liaise with existing government departments, mainstream services, and institutions to make them aware of the specific needs of the Serbian community

Consultation :
Consultation with elderly members of the community to establish priorities in a program for development of appropriate services, e.g: develop suitable programs, workshops, and groups to address existing needs

Planned Activities :
Engage the elderly members in actively participating in establishment of programs and projects, and to work on special issues

Social Gatherings :
Prepare seminars and workshops on services/welfare issues to educate the community about departmental policies and changes within each department/services providers, and how these changes can affect elderly members of the Serbian community. To build community awareness of existing services, and to educate the community on how to use these services and how to best benefit from them