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What is the Program for Isolated and Elderly People of Serbian Origin :
This program is designed to serve the needs of elderly or infirm persons who, due to their disability, have become socially isolated. The program aims to revive the social life of these persons through friendly visits and activities organised by Volunteers and overseen by a Co-ordinator.

Who can join this Program :
Any elderly persons or people living with a disability who have become socially isolated.

Who are the Volunteers :
The Volunteers :

  • are over 18 years of age
  • speak the Serbian language
  • have an interest in assisting frail people
  • are willing to spend some time providing companionship

All Volunteers go through training which covers :

  • their roles and responsibilities
  • Clients needs and rights
  • confidentiality and communication

What is the role of the Co-ordinator ? :
A prospective Client may contact a Co-ordinator at one of our offices, where they can receive further information about the program. The client then will be assessed according to their needs, and details such as interests and hobbies will also be obtained. The Co-ordinator uses this information to cross  match the Client with a Volunteer. The CO-ordinator will continue to regularly call on the Client to ensure their satisfaction with the program an assess ongoing needs.

All our Volunteers receive ongoing support by their Co-ordinator. This involves frequent telephone contact with the Volunteer and visits paid to the Clients.

What are the Client-Volunteer Activities :
Clients and Volunteers can enjoy a variety of activities together, such as :

  • going shopping
  • strolling in the park
  • watching a movie at the cinema
  • going to the theatre
  • or enjoying stimulating conversation

How do Clients join the Program :
Interested persons can be referred by almost anyone : friends, family, community worker, doctor or even oneself. A visit will be arrange to meet with the prospective Client and their family in order to discuss the Program.

What are the costs ? :
Services are provide free of charge.

Where can I obtain an information brochure:
Right here. Click on the link below for the language version you would like.